Serious Junmyeon during his driving lesson

Mnet [EXO 902014] 수호가 재해석한 EXO 902014버전 god-어머님께 M/V

Chanyeol…that selca update tho… those hashtags.

Especially this one


How wonderful lol

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I’m just happy that the boys know what the challenge is ultimately for. For those suffering ALS.

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140822 (real_pcy안녕하세요 EXO의 목소리 찬열입니다. 우선 룸메이트 식구인 가연이의 지목을 받아서 아이스버킷 챌린지에 함께 하게 되었는데요 이런 뜻깊은 캠페인에 참여할 수 있어서 영광이고 더 많은 사람들이 이 캠페인을 알고 참여했으면 좋겠고 참여 함으로써 루게릭병 환우들에게 조금이나마 힘이 될 수 있었으면 좋겠습니다. 캠페인 참여와 함께 기부도 진행하겠습니다. 저의 다음 지목은 웹툰 작가 조석 씨와 존 메이어 그리고 빈지노 형입니다. @johnmayer@realisshoman @조석
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He nominated John Mayer….and Beenzino(I think it’s Beenzino). But John Mayer lol
….lol omg

But I’m glad he did it :]

Uhh th challenge… but lol at John Mayer nom tho.

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Sehun doing the #ALSIcebucketChallenge, please donate for the cause!

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The video begins humorously as Anthony Carbajal, a photographer, dresses up in a neon bikini top and soaps up a car before being doused with ice water. 

So watch the full video here and laugh out loud at the first half and then get ready to tear up in the second half. 

chanlu moments during their mcm photoshoot (ft. tao in the back like “wtf guys control yourselves! hello! i’m still here, you know!”)

Sehun and Tao both did their icebucket challenges.

Sehun posted a message about the disease and nominated Yoona,Baekhyun and Supernova’s Geonil. Tao did not nominate anyone but posted a long message about the disease and asked for everyone’s awareness. Also he thanked Zhoumi for nominating him. :3

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wejdane5 replied to your post: Kim Hyun Joong tho guyz…
what going on..can you tell me?


Sorry, can’t quote on this darn device lol

Anyway, it’s a mess…

It’s all over kpop news websites and in the Kim Hyun Joong tags on various sites…

His (now ex) girlfriend accused him of assault, she’s suing him and has evidence as she apparently was in the hospital for 6 weeks after the assault. There is more to it like supposedly other women and other instances of him abusing her.

Well it’s not looking good for him. And though I normally don’t believe this kind of thing easily as it could accidentally ruin an innocent person’s life.. the police investigated and said they have evidence. We need more news but uhh..well I just really don’t have a good feeling about this…

It’s a mess, I recommend reading it on allkpop,soompi,koreaboo..wherever you get your kpop news, it’s everywhere. Even on netizenbuzz…

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youtubers react to exo


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[Breaking] Kim Hyun Joong Charged for Alleged Assault of Girlfriend


[Breaking] Kim Hyun Joong Charged for Alleged Assault of Girlfriend

Singer Kim Hyun Joong is facing a lawsuit for alleged assault and battery.

Recently, Kim Hyun Joong’s girlfriend “A,” whom he has been dating for two years, pressed criminal charges against the singer for repeated instances of assault and battery between the period of May and July of this year.

An acquaintance of “A” said, “The two have been dating since 2012. After May, there were several…

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