if you are a youngling in high school then please do your homework please try your very best i am fucking begging you please do better than i did please jesus just do your homework ask for help switch up your studying tactics if they’re not doin it for you just fucking please do your best i am begging you don’t fuck up as hard as i did and for the love of god try to get a good night’s rest as often as possible i don’t want you guys to feel like i do

Anonymous asked: "it aint nothin to cut that betch off > . >"

Indeed. Surprisingly he was very nice about it when I told him I can’t be his gf.

He seemed like a genuinely nice guy but I just wasn’t interested lol

Not that he wasn’t handsome. He is. But you know? Lol

posted 3 hours ago

He’s afraid to lose me.


Well then.

posted 3 hours ago


This guy asking me to be his gf at the same time he’s adding a bunch of girls in our age group. Snort.

I only allowed his friend request cause he’s on my aunt’s list. But now I wish I didn’t lol

posted 4 hours ago


He asked me to be his gf…
That’s a bit…


posted 4 hours ago

Turns out, this guy likes KPop omfg

I saw T-ara on his musical likes lol

posted 4 hours ago

This dude is totally flirting …dammit.
posted 4 hours ago

Oh lawd

He just said he is looking for a gf…fml.
I’m not interested tho….

posted 4 hours ago

He asked if I was single…

I swear if be gets perverted I’m gonna block him lol

posted 4 hours ago


Some guy on fb..called me bb wtf lol

posted 4 hours ago

So bored rn tbh…


posted 2 days ago

Anonymous asked: "Man, some of these "fans" take everything to the extreme huh? I mean, I'm upset for Sulli (omg I didn't even know she was hated!! :() and I hope she gets stronger but really? To blame these girls for f(x)'s situation is childish."

Oh I never got around to answering this. I’m sorry T.T

I was busy with moving and my family…

But yeah, I hate how some fans take things way too far..

posted 3 days ago

omg I’m alive lol

No but seriously…having a hard time with the internet…

Only updated on everything because I borrowed my mom’s phone.

But I’m at my cousin’s house babysitting his kids while he and his gf are at work.

They have great Wi-Fi! XD

So here I am.

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We made it.

We’re now at my aunt’s house. Only got on to say that for now. Family was here so…we’ve been catching up.

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